ALACE “reluctantly concedes” 1.5% pay increase for Chief Executives

The trade union for local authority chief executives and senior managers

ALACE “reluctantly concedes” 1.5% pay increase for Chief Executives

ALACE has written to the Local Government Employers to concede that no further progress can be made in discussion about the 2021 pay settlement and has asked that the increase of 1.5% should now be paid to chief executives covered by the Joint Negotiating Committee as swiftly as possible. (There are separate arrangements for chief executives’ pay in Scotland.)

ALACE’s Council met on 2 February and agreed the outline of the response, and at its December meeting had authorised the proposal that was set out in ALACE’s letter of 28 January.

Our press release and copies of the exchanges of correspondence with the Employers are below.

Press Release

Employers letter to ALACE 21 October 2021 

ALACE response to Employers 28 January 2022

Employers response to ALACE 31 January 2022

ALACE response to Employers 03 February 2022