The trade union for local authority chief executives and senior managers

Individual Support

Our team of specialist professional consultants are available on request to support members who are experiencing difficulties with their local authority employers – on issues as wide-ranging as pay and conditions, difficulties with individual councillors and colleagues, pension entitlements and taxation, disciplinary issues, and retirement or other termination benefits.

Five of our consultants are former council chief executives of considerable experience, and the other previously ran the largest local authority pension fund in the country. They are: Peter Bounds, Cheryl Miller, Peter Morris, Roger Morris (no relation!), Richard Penn, and John Schultz. Three are Past Presidents of SOLACE, and one is a former Honorary Secretary of ALACE. Their contact details are available in the Members’ Area. 

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Collective Action

ALACE is the recognised negotiating body for chief executives’ terms and conditions of employment. We represent our members on pay, pension entitlements, and all other national conditions of service. We also respond to government consultations, and calls for evidence from Parliamentary committees, affecting our members’ interests.

Membership is open to:

  • Chief executives or heads of paid service of principal local authorities
  • Chief officers directly responsible to the chief executive or head of paid service (such as directors, deputy or assistant chief executives, etc.)
  • S151 officers (S95 in Scotland)
  • Monitoring officers, and democratic services officers (in Wales)
  • Chief executives of public sector agencies closely connected with local government (such as Policing and Crime Chief Executives)

More information on the benefits of ALACE membership

For more information on the benefits of ALACE membership, click here.

Messages of appreciation

Unsolicited messages of appreciation from members:

“Just a short note to express my thanks for the support given [by Peter Bounds] in the lead up to yesterday, and of course at the panel meeting itself. The ALACE subscription is money well spent!”

“[Roger Morris’s] support has been invaluable and I will ensure my membership continues. He has helped me through the toughest time of my entire career and I am so grateful.”

“May I thank you and the team for an excellent service and I wish you nothing but success in the future, your support is exceptional”. (From a member who retired recently)

“I am most thankful to Roger Morris for all the support and advice he has given to me over what has been a very hard time…On many occasions he went beyond the call of duty to support me and for this I am grateful to him and to ALACE.”

“I wanted to … write and thank you for the support that ALACE has provided me with during a particularly challenging set of negotiation meetings leading to my agreed exit from [Council]. Richard Penn has supported me stoically. He is a particularly wise individual and brought to the negotiation table experience and skill that were of particular benefit to me…I did not want to miss the opportunity to make it known to the wider ALACE membership how significant and important membership of this particular trade union is, and the level of high quality expertise that is available to support members in whatever circumstances they find themselves in. Latterly I have also had the pleasure of meeting and working with Cheryl Miller, [who]… has been particularly supportive in explaining many of the intricate nuances relating to the LGPS scheme and its relationship with potential redundancy payments.”


To see the ALACE constitution, click here.

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