The trade union for local authority chief executives and senior managers

Individual Support

Our team of specialist professional consultants are available on request to support members who are experiencing difficulties with their local authority employers – on issues as wide-ranging as pay and conditions, difficulties with individual councillors and colleagues, pension entitlements and taxation, disciplinary issues, and retirement or other termination benefits.

Our consultants include former council chief executives of considerable experience and their contact details are available in the Members’ Area.

Collective Action

ALACE is the recognised negotiating body for chief executives’ terms and conditions of employment. We represent our members on pay, pension entitlements, and all other national conditions of service. We also respond to government consultations, and calls for evidence from Parliamentary committees, affecting our members’ interests.

Membership is open to:

  • Chief executives or heads of paid service of principal local authorities
  • Chief officers directly responsible to the chief executive or head of paid service (such as directors, deputy or assistant chief executives, etc.)
  • S151 officers (S95 in Scotland)
  • Monitoring officers, and democratic services officers (in Wales)
  • Any post on the terms and conditions of  the Joint Negotiating Committee for Chief Officers of Local Authorities, or equivalent terms and conditions in Scotland
  • Chief executives of public sector agencies closely connected with local government (such as Chief Executives of Police and Crime Commissioners or National Park Authorities)
  • Clerks of parish or community councils with a precept over £2m and who are on terms and conditions of the JNC for Chief Executives

Detailed membership criteria can be seen in section 2 of the ALACE constitution, which also sets out other rules governing the operation of the Association.

More information on the benefits of ALACE membership

For more information on the range of benefits of ALACE membership, click here;

Here is a personal view from one ALACE member who talks about why she believes membership of ALACE is so valuable. You can read her article here.


To see the ALACE constitution, click here.

Messages of appreciation

Unsolicited messages of appreciation from members:

“I was waiting for my last day of service…before writing to you to express my sincere gratitude to [the Hon Secretary], Richard Penn, Pete Morris and Roger Morris, for the outstanding service I have received by yourselves/ ALACE, through what was, undoubtedly, the most challenging and difficult period of my career. I really do not think I would have got through it without the superb assistance of you all at key, critical points, in particular Richard Penn who was with us throughout, our nominated ALACE representative. I am truly grateful.”

“Kersten: a very big thank you from me for all of your time, wisdom and support – I really appreciated it.”

“I am extremely appreciative of the superb support and expert advice provided by Richard Penn on behalf of ALACE, and also by [the Hon Secretary] and Roger [Morris], which has resulted in a much better outcome than initially appeared likely.”

“Can I take this opportunity to thank Roger Morris who has been a massive support to me over the past 6 months whilst I have being going through the process of being made redundant? Roger’s knowledge, guidance and calming influence has been very important to me throughout the most challenging time in my 38 year local government career. At times when I thought it was me against the world it was so reassuring to know that Roger was there and could be contacted at any time.”

“Roger [Morris] has been an enormous help – practically, with his advice to me and support with engaging with [the council], and his calm reassurance… we always had an honest discussion and something better came out of those discussions. Knowing I had Roger in my corner gave me solace and strength…. I’m very happy with my settlement. Thank you to ALACE!”

“I really appreciated the rapid and excellent support from ALACE and have recommended membership to several colleagues.”

“Thank you and my thanks to the team for their sterling work and advice…, please do pass on my thanks.”

“I just wanted to say what an amazing service I received from the team and feel that I had brilliant advice and support but also made some good friends. Thanks to everyone.”

“I would like to thank ALACE for providing excellent advice to its members. Apart from the routine advice, the knowledge that there is a union to represent the somewhat specialist needs of a chief officer gives its members a sense of security. This allows us to do our job without fear or favour and to the best of our abilities. In that sense, the presence of ALACE ultimately benefits the public we serve.”

“I would like to thank the officers of ALACE who have always been very helpful over the years and were particularly helpful recently with my retirement arrangements. Roger Morris was an excellent support at a difficult time.”

“The support I have received from various consultants over my 13+ years as a chief executive has always been excellent and [the] work on getting my head sorted around my pension has been invaluable. The council is lucky to have a group of consultants that work with the flow of a changing environment, and is also lucky to have busy chief executives giving up their time to sort often tricky issues.”

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I appreciated the support provided in helping me understand and address the issues relating to my pension and HMRC implications. [ALACE] was assiduous in getting to grips with the details and helping me to take appropriate action. [That] support alone is worth the annual membership fee and has led me to recommending that other colleagues join ALACE.”

“I just wanted to say how grateful I am to have received some invaluable support recently regarding my pension and tax liabilities. My pension fund had once again made a series of mistakes with annual statements following mistakes made when I transferred my pension between funds. As a result of [ALACE’s] help and guidance I was able to challenge them and receive correct information and submit a tax return by the deadline. [You were] absolutely first rate and I’m very grateful.”

“Although I only had cause to use ALACE once, I always felt better for being a member, given the unpredictability of being a local government CEO!” (From an ALACE member who has recently moved to another sector)

“I joined ALACE … when I first became a Chief Exec and always took on board the advice I was given re ‘when in difficulty, give ALACE a call’. I did and it really helped.”

“I just want to let you know that the information I have had [on pensions] has been invaluable and that alone has been worth the fee ALACE charge, let alone the benefit of support if for any reason I get into any difficulty with the local authority. I have recommended that my Service Directors consider signing up.”

“[Roger Morris’s] support has been invaluable and I will ensure my membership continues. He has helped me through the toughest time of my entire career and I am so grateful.”

“I am most thankful to Roger Morris for all the support and advice he has given to me over what has been a very hard time…On many occasions he went beyond the call of duty to support me and for this I am grateful to him and to ALACE.”

“Roger [Morris] was really helpful and supportive to me”


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