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The trade union for local authority chief executives and senior managers


Standard membership is currently open to:

    • Chief executives or heads of paid service of principal local authorities
    • Chief officers directly responsible to the chief executive or head of paid service (such as directors, deputy or assistant chief executives, etc.)
    • S151 officers (S95 in Scotland)
    • Monitoring officers, and democratic services officers (in Wales)
    • Any post on the terms and conditions of  the Joint Negotiating Committee for Chief Officers of Local Authorities, or equivalent terms and conditions in Scotland
    • Chief executives of public sector agencies closely connected with local government (such as Chief Executives of Police and Crime Commissioners or National Park Authorities)
    • Clerks of parish or community councils with a precept over £2m and who are on terms and conditions of the JNC for Chief Executives

    Detailed membership criteria can be seen in section 2 of the ALACE constitution, which also sets out other rules governing the operation of the Association.


Becoming an ALACE member is a quick and easy online process. You will be asked to provide basic details including your name, your local authority/organisation, your role, and your contact details, including an e-mail address. This should ideally be a private e-mail address so that we can still contact you if you change your employer.

Unlike other unions, ALACE is prepared to provide employment support for members facing difficulty from the first day of membership. If you are joining when you need immediate employment support, you should select the option of paying one year’s full subscription in full. (If you select monthly payments, we will not be able to offer employment support until an amount equivalent to one year’s subscription has been paid, which might cause delay.)

As a new member, you will be entitled to 4 hours of support from the ALACE consultants, in your first 12 months of membership, for any employment related issues, other than in relation to your pension. After the first 12 months of membership, you will be entitled to free support from the ALACE consultants for all non-pension related support.

You will need to select whether you wish to pay for one years’ full subscription or pay monthly for a minimum of 12 months.

Paying by monthly instalments 

If you find yourself requiring support from the ALACE consultants during the year, you will be asked to pay the full annual membership fee before being eligible to access any support. This applies to all years during which you pay the subscription monthly.

Please note that if you leave ALACE part way through the year, the full annual subscription becomes immediately due and the balance payable will be taken immediately.
All pension related support is payable at the very competitive rate of £100 per hour for all members.

You will be asked to choose a username and to set a password. This will enable you to access the member area of the ALACE website where you will find further information just for members, including contact details for the consultants, minutes of ALACE Council meetings and AGMs, plus a wealth of other documentation.

Once you have completed the form with your contact details and other basic information, you will be transferred to a secure webpage to enter your banking details so that you can set up your payments.

We will automatically collect annual membership fees when they become due but will notify members in advance of any increases to fees. We also notify members before collecting any payments for ALACE consultancy support, over and above the free entitlement.

Your personal information will be stored securely and not passed on to any third party. We will only use your contact information in relation to your membership of ALACE.

By completing the online form and submitting it, you will be agreeing to the ALACE membership terms. The terms are also reproduced alongside the online form that you need to complete. Before completing the online registration process, please check that your role meets the membership criteria at the top of this page. If you are in any doubt, please contact us at [email protected].


Joining fee at any time during 2024  Period of membership Free non-pension consultancy support entitlement in the first 12 months
Either £400  12 months from the date of joining  Four hours
Or £420 by 12 monthly instalments of £35 12 months from the date of joining paid monthly Four hours (on receipt of full annual fee)
Retired members – £50 12 months from the date of joining  Not applicable


You can remain a member of ALACE when you retire, or re-join if you were formerly a member. You can apply online following the link below, simply select ‘Retired Membership’ at the appropriate point.

The retired membership rate includes access to the members’ area of the website and to information sent by email, including papers for general meetings. However, the Constitution limits the rights of retired member (such as not being able to vote at general meetings).

Retired members do not have access to free consultancy support. If required, consultancy support in respect of any issue related to previous ALACE membership is chargeable at £100 per hour. The Association will recover payment having provided notification of the amount in advance.


Standard Membership (12 monthly instalments)
£420 / Monthly (£35)
Standard Membership
£400 / Year
Retired Members
£50 / Year



Please note that ALACE and SOLACE are quite separate organisations (although we work closely together and have many members in common). ALACE is a trade union; SOLACE is a professional society. Membership of one does not bring with it membership of the other. If you are also interested in joining SOLACE, click here.


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