The trade union for local authority chief executives and senior managers

Jan 23


ALACE responds to consultation on amendments to NHS pension scheme

While the proposals may affect only a few ALACE members who have membership in the NHS pension scheme, the consultation raises important principles of equal treatment across the public sector - in particular the changes to calculation of the annual allowance for 2022-23. We are therefore calling to DLUHC to ensure that similar provision is made for members of the Local Government Pension... Read More »

Jan 23


ALACE responds to draft guidance and regulations on “McCloud” rectification

ALACE has submitted a response to the HMRC consultation about the detailed regulations and guidance that relate to rectification of the problems caused by the pension reforms that gave rise to the Public Service Pensions and Judicial Offices Act 2022. This is an exceptionally complex area affecting pensions and taxation, but some past or present ALACE members are likely to have been affected by... Read More »

Dec 22


2022 pay award – JNC for Chief Executives*

ALACE's pay claim was for equality of treatment with the generality of local government staff. For further information and the outcome of negotiations, please log in to the members area.   *This article relates to chief executives in England, Wales and Northern Ireland - discussions continue in Scotland and the final position has not yet been... Read More »

Nov 22


ALACE is looking for new consultants to join our existing team

ALACE, the only trade union exclusively for local government Chief Executives and senior managers, is looking for new consultants to join our existing team.  The consultancy services offered by ALACE to support its members are highly valued and have expanded over the last two decades. ALACE is looking to recruit three new consultants to commence over the next year or so to advise and support... Read More »

Oct 22


ALACE responds to chief executives’ pay offer for 2022

The ALACE Council has agreed the response to the employers' across the board offer of £1,925 for all local government staff, including chief executives and chief officers. We have proposed that this should be underpinned by a minimum percentage increase so that there is some semblance of equal treatment for all staff and to address recruitment and retention issues. As things stand, the... Read More »

Oct 22


ALACE writes to Secretary of State for Education

ALACE has written to the Secretary of State to express concern about a recent letter from the Chairman of the Education Select Committee and to remind the Government that local government employers are responsible for issues relating to their... Read More »

Jul 22


ALACE response to pay offer

The Association of Local Authority Chief Executives and Senior Managers (ALACE) response to the pay offer for Chief Executives can be found below. 20220726 - ALACE response to pay... Read More »

Jun 22


ALACE submits pay claim for April 2022 onwards

On 8 June, ALACE submitted its pay claim for April 2022 onwards for chief executives in England, Wales and Northern Ireland covered by the JNC. Our press statement and the pay claim can be found below. 20220608 pay claim press statement 20220608 ALACE pay claim 2022 onwards Following regional consultation meetings during June, the employers will meet on 25 July to consider their... Read More »