The trade union for local authority chief executives and senior managers

Mar 21


ALACE submits pay claim for chief executives for 2021

ALACE has submitted its pay claim for April 2021 onwards. The ALACE Council considered this issue in its meeting on 1 February and decided that, as in previous years, the claim should seek equality of treatment with the generality of local government staff. The claim relates to England, Wales and Northern Ireland: there are separate arrangements for negotiating chief executives' pay in... Read More »

Nov 20


MHCLG consultation on reforming LG exit pay – ALACE response

ALACE has responded to the MHCLG consultation on potential changes to the local government pension scheme in light of the Treasury's exit payment cap regulations. The consultation would also make other changes to exit pay in local government, including reducing discretionary compensation payments in the case of redundancy. ALACE's full response can be seen in the attached document. We will... Read More »

Oct 20


ALACE Scotland branch – officers for 2020/21

Following the ALACE Scotland AGM held on 30 October, the following office bearer appointments were confirmed: Cleland Sneddon, CEO South Lanarkshire Council                                  Chair Jim Savege, CEO Aberdeenshire Council                                                   Vice Chair Malcolm Burr, CEO Western Isles Council         ... Read More »

Oct 20


‘Early Bird’ New Membership Offer

ALACE membership usually starts in January each year but the full membership fee is payable whenever new members join throughout the year. We're currently offering membership cover for the remainder of 2020 at no extra cost. Our ‘early bird’ sign up offer means that if you join ALACE now, your membership starts  immediately but you don't pay any extra. You still have the choice of... Read More »

Oct 20


“Reforming local government exit pay”: MHCLG’s draft regulations

On 14 October, MHCLG made available to unions and other interested parties a copy of draft regulations which would implement the proposals published on 7 September, and on which consultation closes on 9 November. As with the draft impact analysis and guidance from the Government Actuary's Department, the draft regulations have not been published on the Ministry's website. ALACE is therefore... Read More »

Oct 20


ALACE responds to MHCLG consultation on “statutory underpin”

ALACE has responded to the Ministry's consultation on changes to the statutory underpin following Court rulings in the McCloud and Sargeant cases, that the transitional arrangements when public service pensions were reformed in 2014/5 were discriminatory on grounds of age. The response from ALACE supports the thrust of the proposals and makes relevant links to a forthcoming response to MHCLG's... Read More »

Oct 20


MHCLG shares technical documents in respect of exit payment regulations

On 30 September, only four hours before MPs voted to approve the exit payment regulations, MHCLG shared two draft technical documents in support of its consultation on changes to redundancy payments that councils may make, and to the local government pension scheme. ALACE is preparing a response to the MHCLG consultation, which ends on 9 November, and we expect to share it with ALACE members... Read More »