‘Early Bird’ New Membership Offer

The trade union for local authority chief executives and senior managers

‘Early Bird’ New Membership Offer

ALACE membership usually starts in January each year but the full membership fee is payable whenever new members join throughout the year.

We’re currently offering membership cover for the remainder of 2020 at no extra cost.

Our ‘early bird’ sign up offer means that if you join ALACE now, your membership starts  immediately but you don’t pay any extra.

You still have the choice of paying the first year’s subscription (cover lasts to the end of December 2021) – or for two years’ subscription at a discounted rate (cover lasts to the end of December 2022).

In either case, there’s nothing extra to pay for the remaining weeks of 2020.

Once you’ve joined, future subscriptions will be collected automatically in January each year, as they become due.

To take advantage of this great offer, click through to the Join Us section here.