Retired Membership

The trade union for local authority chief executives and senior managers

Having been a member of the Association of Local Authority Chief Executives and Senior Managers, I hereby apply for membership at the retired member rate and I agree to the membership terms below.

Retired membership terms

The annual subscription rate is £50 (nil for retired members serving as an Honorary Officer).

I understand that the retired membership rate gives me access to the members’ area of the website and to information sent by email, including papers for general meetings. I recognise that the Constitution limits my rights as a retired member (such as not being able to vote at general meetings).

I understand that, generally, retired members do not have access to free consultancy support. I understand that I will have to pay £90 per hour for consultancy support (if required) in respect of any issue related to my previous ALACE membership; and that the Association will recover payment from me by the same mechanism as used to pay my subscriptions; and that I will be sent information to confirm the basis of any such payment in advance.



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